Less – Products 

In our collections, we want to slowly re-work, modernise and improve what is already alive, without changing its classic identity. These are products you care for and use repeatedly in different occasions for many years to come. 

Less – Waste 

Our goal is to improve the average lifetime of a piece of clothing and inspire the customer to a movement of mindful investment rather than meaningless consumption. 

Less – Transport 

Our products are shipped in the most reasonable manner, where we try to minimise the number of shipment back and forward to our customers. 

Less – Material

We are obliged to continuously improve the way we work by innovate and rethink new methods. This also involves being conscious on all the materials we use, as well as having a clear focus on using excellent fabrics in natural fibres, such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, throughout the whole collection. Stock fibres stored by the suppliers are something we try to use as much as possible. 

Less – Packaging 

We use only sensible packaging materials for all our shipments and make sure that the wrapping used can be recycled or reused. You will not experience any unnecessary booklets, tags, or documents when you shop at CHRISTIAN AKS. 

Less – Plastic 

No plastic-, labels, bags, tags, or other materials are being produced. Hand-tags and other product description are available online, so our customer can easily access all necessary information through a smart QR code.

Less – Suppliers

We aim to establish long-lasting relationships with a small number of suppliers, where we can advance with these suppliers season after season, year after year. The country and manufacturer chosen for production depend on their geographical features, tradition to craftsmanship, working condition and ethical values. Our suppliers have either BSCI audit and/or WRAP audit. Some are  certified as GOTS, GRS and BCI. 

From day one, we have been able to form stable relationships with suppliers in Europe, China and Hong Kong. There are around 6 suppliers in total. Among these suppliers, Inner Mongolia has been selected for the development of our Lambswool products. In fact, thanks to Inner Mongolia´s nomadic history and large number of sheeps and goats, the area has become among the leading producer of wool and cashmere.   

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